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Exterior Truck Wash

Washing your truck on a regular basis is a very important step in its maintenance. Not only does it help keep your ride clean and beautiful, but is also helps protect the exterior. Our exterior truck wash will protect your car from grime, debris and oil. All these things, along with bird droppings can damage your paint. It is also essential to keep your truck clean during winter in order to remove any salt accumulation and prevent subsequent rust on your body panel.

At Popular Tire, we use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that will enhance your truck's inner beauty. Most importantly, all of our brushes are paint-safe.

Acid Wash

At popular Tire, our passion is to take care of your car. We realize this should be done inside out. Consequently, we have the assurance that you will be extremely satisfied with the results.

This treatment will remove surface and brake rust. It will also dissolve grease and road dirt. Moreover, it helps make wire wheels; stainless steel, chrome and metal shine bright once again. The best part is that it is done through spraying your truck. This method helps to avoid additional scrapes.

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